FIRMAN is a generating equipment brand under SUMEC Group.

For years, FIRMAN brand trademark has been registered in 92 countries and regions all over the world. FIRMAN products are widely applied to many fields such as routine life, industrial production, communications, medical care, finance, energy, and construction. FIRMAN provides professional products and services for customers from more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

We are committed to creating stable, highly-efficient, and clean generating equipment and integrated power solution for customers and help customers obtain reliable power supply, reduce energy consumption, and save operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

FIRMAN generator sets ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of exported portable Gasoline Generator in China.

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Model FCC500D FCC500F FCC500R FCC500H
Engine Kipior 186 FIRMAN SPE390 Robin EX40 Honda GX390
Power 9.0HP 13.0HP 14.0HP 13.0HP
Max. Cutting Depth 17cm 17cm 17cm 17cm
Blade Size 35-50cm 35-50cm 35-50cm 35-50cm
Depth Adjustment Handle Rotation Handle Rotation Handle Rotation Handle Rotation
Driving Mode Semi-self Semi-self Semi-self Semi-self
Water Tank Capacity 40L 40L 40L 40L
Operating Weight 216KG 193KG 195KG 195KG
Packing Size 115x55x100cm 115x55x100cm 115x55x100cm 115x55x100cm
Model FPC60F FPC60R FPC60R2 FPC60H
Engine FIRMAN SPE160 Robin EY20 Robin EX13 Honda GX160
Power 5.5HP 5.0HP 4.2HP 5.5HP
Plate Size 50x36cm 50x36cm 50x36cm 50x36cm
Vibration Frequency 5600vpm 5600vpm 5600vpm 5600vpm
Max. Centrifugal Force 10.5KN 10.5KN 10.5KN 10.5KN
Compaction Depth 20cm 20cm 20cm 20cm
Forward Speed 40cm/s 40cm/s 40cm/s 40cm/s
Compacted Area 450m2/hr 450m2/hr 450m2/hr 450m2/hr
Gradeability 30% 30% 30% 30%
Operating Weight 62KG 61KG 61KG 62KG
Packing Size 78x37x63cm 78x37x63cm 78x37x63cm 78x37x63cm
Model FPT140F FPT140R FPT140R2 FPT140H
Engine FIRMAN SPE270 Robin EY28 Robin EX27 Honda GX270
Power 9.0HP 7.5HP 9.0HP 9.0HP
Operating Weight 132KG 132KG 132KG 132KG
Trowel Diameter 117cm 117cm 117cm 117cm
Number of Blades 4 4 4 4
Packing Size 126x126x35cm 126x126x35cm 126x126x35cm 126x126x35cm
Model FTR80H FMR70H2 FMR80R1 FMR80R1
Engine Honda GX160 Honda GX120 Robin EH12-2D Robin EH12-2D
Power 5.5HP 4.0HP 4.0HP 4.0HP
Plate Size 330x285mm 330x285mm 330x285mm 330x285mm
Percussion Rate Per min 650-695 650-695 640-680 640-680
Impact Force 14KN 14KN 14KN 14KN
Jumping Stroke 40-85mm 40-85mm 40-80mm 40-80mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.8L 2.8L 2.8L 2.8L
Operating Weight 70KG 75KG 75KG 75KG
Packing Size 78x48x113cm 78x48x113cm 78x48x113cm 78x48x113cm